One Platform, Many Options


Your Management Center

Manage multiple Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) channels from one place.
Tier 1 Support
Intelivideo is your team to help your customers experience the best of the best of your video channels.
Create Subscriptions
Quickly add new subscriptions from your dashboard to drive revenue and simplify management.
Flexible Options
Create customized options for weekly, monthly and annual subscription types.
Cancellation Thresholds
Reduce refunds and cancellations by setting alerts and automating cancellation management.
Analytics & Tracking
Get intimate with your customers. Engagement, feedback and upsell opportunities. Your customers will tell you ALL you need to be successful.
Video Distribution
Secure Payment Integration
We use Stripe, one of the industry’s best payment processors. Get paid immediately and rest easy with the security and ease of Stripe.
Video Transcoding
Upload your videos to us and we create all the different versions for device compatibility. We worry about all the tech details so you can focus on your subscription business.
Curated Playlists
Choose from a variety of ways to deliver organized videos to your customers in any order you like.
Fully Branded Apps
Full brand integration for your apps in all of the stores is available. See our Pricing page for more information.
Accepting Payment
Secure Payment Integration
Stripe is one of the leading payment processors on the market. With Stripe, you are entirely in charge of your finances and get paid immediately.
Multiple Payment Options
We enable both transaction and subscription channels on our platform. Use one business model or both!
Video Engagement
How does your audience interact with your videos? Do they watch for the full time period? Do they watch a bunch of videos all at once?
Video Usage
How does your audience use your videos? Do they stream or download? Are they watching in the morning or at night?
Customer Base
Customer analytics are important to know who they are, where they came from and how they view your content.
Campaign Analytics
Running campaigns to help convert your audience into subscribers is crucial. Knowing what works is even better.
Customer Support
Tier 1 Support
We handle your technical support with all of your customers. We offer this platform so you don’t have to worry about anything tech. That’s on us!
Knowledge Base
Fully developed knowledge base to offer assistance as you’re developing and growing your channel. Of course, you can always give us a call.
Looking for More Features?

We offer additional features and customizations to suit your needs. Contact our sales team to learn more.