Success Stories

Below we have some of our clients who have taken advantage of adding video to their business and it’s paid off for them.

Skogg Gym success story with video on demand on the Intelivideo platform

Skogg Gym

Skogg Gym located in Portland, OR switched from DVDs to digital delivery to reach a wider audience with ease.

skogg-kettlebell-logo“Intelivideo’s streaming is fast and clean. We looked at other options and when it came down to it on almost every level including delivery, price, bandwidth, and accessibility, this was the best solution for us. We wanted to do digital right, and with Intelivideo it’s just a whole new level of convenience for us and our customers.”

Michael Skogg, Owner, Skogg Gym

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Burandt’s Backcountry Adventure success story with video on demand on the Intelivideo platform

Burandt’s Backcountry Adventure

BurandTV offers riding lessons, gear reviews and exclusive backcountry footage from one of the industry’s best pro snowmobilers.

burandts-backcountry-adventure-logo“Launching a subscription video offering through Intelivideo has been a turning point in our business. Not only are we available to our customers 24/7 from any device, but we’ve bridged the accessibility gap both for riders in the backcountry, and a new generation of snowmobilers.”

Chris Burandt, Founder, Burandt’s Backcountry Adventure

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Smart Basketball Training success story with video on demand on the Intelivideo platform

Smart Basketball Training

Austin MacBeth teaches you the tricks of the trade through all different basketball lessons on handling, shooting, passing and finishing.

SBT Logo“With Intelivideo, anything is possible. We’re constantly adding to, growing and improving our product offerings. No matter what we want to do, Intelivideo is there for us every step of the way.”

Austin McBeth, Coach at Smart Basketball Training

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