The ability to offer subscription video on demand products has revolutionized what it means to be a trainer and educator in the health and fitness space.

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Michael Skogg isn’t new to the health and fitness space. In fact, he’s a veteran in every sense of the word. For over 30 years, Skogg has been sharing his personal passion for health and fitness. With his education in sports industry rehabilitation, military service background, and experience running several big box gyms, Skogg was drawn to the results delivered through full body kettlebell workouts. Today, he helps his clients reach their fitness goals, rehabilitate injuries, and live healthier, stronger lives all through his highly successful Skogg kettlebell system.

“I am a functional fitness guy with an education in rehab and I saw an opportunity to specialize in one area of health and fitness,” explains Skogg. I began by opening a gym in Portland, Oregon where I teach my kettlebell system, but that wasn’t enough. As my business grew, I realized if I wanted to make a bigger impact on the health industry, I needed to reach more people.”

Skogg’s solution to expanding his reach was creating and selling workout DVDs to both his gym members and others who would not otherwise have access to him or his gym. The DVDs featured Skogg leading workouts and sharing his system, providing the same value gym members would receive in his in person classes.
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Skogg soon realized that although DVDs allowed him to virtually duplicate himself so that he could train many people around the world at the same time, the production and shipping of DVDs was costly and time consuming. In 2012 Skogg decided to take his kettlebell gym workouts, programs, and classes virtual. He began offering his customers digital versions of his popular wellness and training systems through online streaming videos.

“Giving my customers the option of a video on demand product was the best solution for getting workouts and exercises to my clients more quickly,” he says. “And for my business, digital streaming video cuts cost and time out of the content distribution process.” With the world moving to digital and health and fitness enthusiasts turning more and more to their mobile devices, Skogg wisely leveraged technology trends to grow his business.

Today, Skogg is able to easily and quickly update and deliver content as it becomes available. This is a significant improvement on the shipping and production process required with DVDs. “Intelivideo’s streaming is fast and clean. We looked at other options and when it came down to it on almost every level including delivery, price, bandwidth, and accessibility, this was the best solution for us. We wanted to do digital right, and with Intelivideo it’s just a whole new level of convenience for us and our customers,” says Skogg.


With fitness customers already comfortable with the gym membership subscription model, a digital subscription model was a no-brainer for Skogg. From a business perspective, an SVOD offering not only provides customers a new level of convenience thus increasing customer satisfaction, but also gives a company the power and flexibility to scale more quickly.

“Customers in the fitness space are fickle,” explains Skogg. “People want to work out when they want, wherever they are, when the mood strikes them.” Providing an SVOD offering serves this purpose well. “People like having us in their living room. It’s a personal connection. They come to know me as their instructor and want access to my classes outside of the gym, when and where they want to work out. SVOD allows me to duplicate myself many times over and I’m really fired up that I can be with my students when and where they need me. Often times it’s in their living room!” Skogg elaborates.


By witnessing the power of an SVOD model paired with the ease of implementation and delivery in working with Intelivideo, Skogg is making plans to expand his digital offerings. When he’s not in the gym, Skogg can be heard lecturing at a collegiate level, and has been tapped for his expertise by 20 NCAA Division 1 schools to date. “Colleges and universities have reached out to me to help them implement my programs and training to optimize and improve the health and performance of their elite athletes,” says Skogg. Taking the educational component of his business digital would also allow him to reach more people.

In recent years, Skogg’s SVOD content has grown rapidly and now accounts for about 20 percent of his overall business revenue. Due to his success with streaming subscription video products to date, paired with customer satisfaction and accessibility, Skogg expects this part of his business to grow in the future. “The future growth of my business depends on my ability to reach a wider audience and expand beyond workouts to education. SVOD is a smart and inexpensive way to do this. In fact, with I’m investing in that for our future.”

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